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How to install insulation boards

How to install insulation boards

Our Underfloor Heating Express XPS boards are best laid on levelled floors, such as concrete, or stable wooden floors. For uneven wooden floors we suggest using Underfloor Heating Express Tile Backed Boards.

Calculate the total room dimensions to get the square meter to confirm how many Underfloor Heating Express insulations boards you will need.  Add 10% to ensure you have enough insulation boards.

Before installing the Underfloor Heating Express XPS insulation boards, make sure the floor is clean, secure dry and free from dust.

Spread a thin layer of flexible tile adhesive and fix Underfloor Heating Express XPS boards on top in a brick-like design, ensuring there are no gaps between boards. Boards can easily be cut to fill corners etc.

If you are still unsure, feel free to give us a call and speak to our technical department for more assistance, or click on the link below and visit our Youtube channel to watch our heatmat installation video.