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How to Install a Thermostat

How to Install a Thermostat

Before installing the thermostat, you will need to install the floor probe, leaving the probe at the end of the cable exposed to measure the heat of the mat and display on the thermostat.

You will need to cut a small channel into the floor approximately 300mm in length into the floor evenly between two cables to produce an even temperature reading. Lay the floor probe and tape over, except the probe at the end.

To install the thermostat, a qualified electrician should be responsible for hard wiring the unit into your electricity system, then connect the floor probe. Use your manual to learn how to set and use the thermostat.


If you are still unsure, feel free to give us a call and speak to our technical department for more assistance, or click on the link below and visit our Youtube channel to watch our heatmat installation video.